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Bed Bugs Force Destruction of Rare Books

Bed bugs in the Denver Public Library in Colorado have forced the library to quarantine and fumigate four areas at the main branch and to destroy 31 books.

In a sad irony, the infected books were borrowed by a man who checks out historic books to help archive them online for the Gutenberg Project. When 69-year-old Roger Goffeney returned the historic books, some unwanted guests from his apartment hitched a ride.

Goffeney wasn’t too concerned, “I thought that they could easily be cleaned if they had discovered that to be the problem.”

After discovering the problem and its source, the library says they banned Goffeney from the library and asked that he return any outstanding books to a secure drop-off point. They claim that rather than following these instructions, Goffeney returned the books  to the main book drop and reinfected the library.

The library has asked Goffeney to pay for the replacement of the rare books and the fumigation costs. Goffeney is considering a lawsuit to have his borrowing privileges reinstated.

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