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Archive | October, 2009

Ansel Adams negatives found at garage sale (perhaps)

You never know what might turn up a garage sale. Like a set of Ansel Adams’ glass negatives….perhaps. (Not only did this guy pick them up at a garage sale but he kept them in his loft for 10 years.) If you are wondering just how much Ansel Adams memorabilia is worth, then look at […]

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Brief History of Vampires

Twilight is but the latest episode in a long and deep Vampire history, for centuries the tall, dark, and undead have haunted the pages of literature. Today we chronicle the history of these blood sucking creatures of the night. 1816 A group of friends were holidaying in a villa near Lake Geneva during the unseasonably […]

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Attention Bookshop Owners: Warning, Warning – The Nerds Are Coming

Nerds unite in giddy anticipation of ‘International Science Fiction Reshelving Day’. The countdown is on!


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Yann Martel meets Ang Lee in Life of Pi – the movie

Ang Lee, director of Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is going to try his hand at the beloved and enigmatic novel ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel.

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10 Reasons Why Book Club is Like Church

The Inkwell Bookstore in Falmouth, Massachusetts, has an excellent blog. Their post on 10 Reasons Why Book Club is like Church is very funny. 10. Half the participants are lonely old women, the other half are just there for the wine. 9. There’s always one member who not only falls asleep, they snore. 8. Miss […]

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Literary smackdown – Martin Amis vs Katie Price

I love this story from the UK where Martin Amis – the highly regarded author and darling of the literary media – has made it very clear that he hates Jordan / Katie Price – the former glamour model whose ghosted novels and frequently published memoirs sell by the truckload. “She has no waist… an […]

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Bookshops suffering in the UK

Next week, I’m heading home to the UK for the first time in a year and a half and high streets might look a little different from my last visit. According to a very scary business story in The Times, one in 10 of all shops in Britain have closed in the past nine months […]

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Sarah Palin & Andre Agassi – money & meth

In the world of famous people, Sarah Palin earned an advance of $1.25 million for Going Rogue. It had better be very good and explain why seafood in Alaska is so wonderful. In the world of famous sports people, former tennis player Andre Agassi admits in his autobiography he took crystal meth. That explains some […]

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Notes Left Behind: the Elena Desserich story

I remember feeling intensely sad the first time I heard the story about Elena Desserich – the five-year-old girl diagnosed with brain cancer who hid hundreds of little notes around the house for her parents, Brooke and Keith, to discover after she had died. This sad story and the notes have been turned into a […]

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Sarah Palin’s print debut

Sarah Palin is all the rage again with the publication of Going Rogue coming up soon. I won’t be reading this particular memoir but many people will – it is already a bestseller on Amazon.com on pre-orders alone. But did you know that Palin is already a published author…sort of? Yes…. Palin wrote the foreword […]

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