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A list of books called An American Life

going-rogueThe cover of Sarah Palin’s blockbuster-that-hasn’t-even-been-released-yet has been unveiled and the AP story also reports the memoir isn’t published until November 17. Sales of red fleeces could go through the roof in the meantime.

Going Rogue is subtitled ‘An American Life’. Wait a minute, wasn’t Ronald Reagan’s autobiography called An American Life? Hang on, there are countless books called Something, something: An American Life. Usually the subject’s name is inserted. It would appear to be the title used when a publisher is in a real hurry to get a book in the shops or can’t think of anything particularly clever or catchy. Palin’s publisher gets zero out of 10 for originality but she is in the company of some famous names. I wonder if anything links Palin with all these other folks.

an-american-life-sinclair-lewisMark Schorer wrote a biography called Sinclair Lewis: An American Life but Lewis, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature and criticised American capitalism, and Palin aren’t really on the same page.

Walter Isaacson wrote a biography called Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. I don’t think we can compare Palin to Franklin just yet. Let’s just say Palin and Franklin are linked by politics. Will we see Palin’s face on $100 bills in the future? Counterfeit bills perhaps? They’d use them in Alaska.

Isaacson also wrote Kissinger: An American Life. (How can you simply repeat the title of a previous book? That’s just lazy.) Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize but Palin did finish third in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

an-american-life-dw-griffith1Richard Schickel wrote a book called D.W. Griffith: An American Life. Griffith helped to bring cinema to the masses and is a legend in the entertainment industry. Well, let’s just say the Sarah Palin/Katie Couric sketch on Saturday Night Live was amusing.

William J Baker wrote a book called Jesse Owens: An American Life. Owens humiliated Hitler and the Nazis in Berlin with his athletic genius. Palin has…perhaps travelled abroad sometime during her life. Maybe.

The list goes on and on.

an-american-life-charles-lindberghTom Crouch edited a book called Charles A. Lindbergh: An American Life. Kate Buford wrote a book called Burt Lancaster: An American Life. There are other biographies but I hadn’t heard of the people who were being written about.

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