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Sarah Palin’s print debut

wild-wonderful-alaska-seafood1Sarah Palin is all the rage again with the publication of Going Rogue coming up soon. I won’t be reading this particular memoir but many people will – it is already a bestseller on Amazon.com on pre-orders alone. But did you know that Palin is already a published author…sort of?

Yes…. Palin wrote the foreword for Wild Wonderful Alaska Seafood by Steve Lee and Sue Ashworth, and published by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. I think I’d actually prefer to read Wild Wonderful Alaska Seafood than Going Rogue. I am quite sure the seafood in Alaska is really wild and wonderful.

The website of the Alaska Seaford Marketing Institute offers a host of fun facts, including that the average salmon boat is 37 ft. long and giant vegetables are common in Alaska due to the extremely long days in summer. Alaska has grown a record cabbage weighing in at 94 pounds.

I’d pay good money to see a 94-pound cabbage. How did I get from Sarah Palin to giant cabbages?

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