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Yann Martel’s Shocking New Holocaust Book

Yann Martel, enigmatic author of the bestselling 2001 novel Life of Pi is going to have a new book out in June. Martel’s new book, Beatrice and Virgil , is due out in June and said to be set in WWII, the midst of the Nazi Holocaust.

While Martel and his publisher are so far fairly tight-lipped about the details, rumour has it that the book is every bit as intriguing, engrossing and satisfying as Pi, which is no small feat. It’s an exciting time for Yann Martel – director Ang Lee has signed on to make the film version of Life of Pi.

That was a book I very much enjoyed, and I’ll be sure to check out Beatrice and Virgil as well. I wonder what the premise/story of the book will be? This is a dangerous topic to sound cynical or jaded about, but the fact is, your standard terrifying and heartbreaking retelling of the horrors of the Holocaust has been done too many times now – there needs to be a different focus, a different perspective, a new way of looking and understanding – for the book to make a unique impact.

Strangely, my two most powerful experiences with Holocaust stories came in the form of a love story – Roberto Benigni’s film Life is Beautiful, which was among the most beautiful, painful and moving films I’ve ever seen; and a graphic novel – Art Spiegelman’s illustrated ode to his father and his time in the Nazi work camps, Maus.

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