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Second annual Roald Dahl Funny Prize awarded


In 2008, children’s laureate Michael Rosen founded the Roald Dahl funny prize to recognize humourous children’s books. He felt the prize was needed as funny kids’ books often get overlooked in favour of more serious, emotionally touching stories (kind of like at the Oscars) that tackle bigger issues and are seen as serious. But let’s face it – kids love funny books, and there are few things better than making a kid chortle. And nobody knew how to elicit that response better than Roald Dahl.

Now it’s 2009, and this year’s winners have been announced:

• For children aged six and under, the winning book was Mr Pusskins Best in Show by Sam Lloyd (Orchard Books)
•For children aged seven to fourteen, the winning book was Grubtown Tales: Stinking Rich and Just Plain Stinky by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Jim Paillot (Faber and Faber)

Congratulations to the winners, each of whom will receive £2,500 (approximately $4,000 US) and a bottle of wine from Roald Dahl’s personal wine cellar.

If you’re looking for funny children’s books, of course anything by Roald Dahl fits the bill. But did you know that Irish author Roddy Doyle also pens funny kids’ books? His book The Giggler Treatment is sure to have any child under 10 in stitches. The Gigglers are creatures who are always on the lookout for adults being unkind to children, then serving them their just desserts. If a grown-up shouts unfairly at a child, or is overly grumpy or neglectful, the Gigglers set them up for the Giggler treatment – which is where Rover the dog comes in. For a modest fee, Rover provides the Gigglers with all the steamy, stinky, fresh from the dog droppings that they could ever use. The Gigglers make sure to put said poop in the footpath of the offending adult. Highly recommended for belly laughs and cackles.

And now I’ll of course have to seek out the two that won this year’s Roald Dahl Funny Prize – my inner child loves a good laugh!

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