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A pair of fireproof books for $31,810

fireproof-booksFire is fascinating – I love sitting around campfires and burning things. But fire and books don’t mix…or do they? The Fine Books Company of Rochester, Michigan, has bundled together the complete fireproof science fiction collection – limited first edition copies of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Stephen King’s Firestarter.

Both books are bound in an asbestos material called Johns-Manville Quinterra. The asbestos Fahrenheit 451 edition was limited to 200 copies, all signed by Bradbury, and the copies of Firestarter, signed by King, were a limited lettered edition of only 26 copies.

These two silver shimmering books are very special indeed. And the price? $31,810.

Learn more and see other fire-themed books (like Fire Laddies ABC).

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