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Herta Müller – bonkers or just scared?

Surely the strangest story of the week concerns Herta Müller, who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. The former head of Romania’s secret police has claimed that the Romania-born author, now living in Germany, ‘has no contact with external reality’. Basically, he’s saying she’s a nutter, according to this story in The Guardian.

Radu Tinu, who has admitted to spying on Müller as head of the secret police (or Securitate) in the Romanian city of Timisoara, where the Romanian-born German-speaking writer lived until 1987, told a newspaper she was suffering from mental delusion. “She has a psychosis, and has no contact with external reality,” Tinu, formerly known as Major Tinu, told the Bucharest daily Adevarul this week. “She wasn’t interrogated nearly as often as she has claimed.”

Call me old fashioned but the former head of an organisation that tortured and murdered countless Romanians in the name of an evil dictatorship would say that wouldn’t he. And any way, if the secret police had bugged my home and compiled a 914-page document about me, then I’d have a few ‘mental’ concerns about my well-being.

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