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The Girl With No Inheritance – The Battle Over Stieg Larsson’s Estate

When Steig Larsson died suddenly five years ago, he did so without a will and everything passed to his father and brother. Because Swedish law doesn’t recognize common-law relationships, his partner of 30 years, Eva Gabrielsson received nothing.

Perhaps a resolution could have been reached amicably but the unfathomable success of Larsson’s first book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, published after his death, greatly increased the value of his estate and thus complicated matters.

Last month, Larsson’s father and brother offered Gabrielsson 20 million Swedish kronor, nearly $3 million.  Gabrielsson declines to comment on the offer.

Thrown into the mix is also a missing laptop computer which reportedly holds the first 200 pages of a fourth book. All that Gabrielsson will say is that the laptop is “somewhere safe”.

So for the time being, the mystery of whether or not the dispute over Larsson’s estate remains unresolved.

(On a side note, someone has actually set up a website to raise funds to help cover Eva’s legal costs.)

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