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Weird Book Room Updated – Featured this Week “Talks With Trees”

talks-with-treesWhen the title says Talks With Trees, it really  means TALKS With Trees… and plants, and shrubs, and vegetables.

Leslie Cabargo began speaking with plants after asking a potted plant how it was doing and the plant replied that it was experiencing some difficulties.  So you see, Cabargo isn’t like you or I – he doesn’t say something offhandedly when giving an African Violet a weekly dribble of water.  He makes a point of talking to the plant and then waiting for an answer.  What a patient man…

Along with Talks With Trees, we’ve added books relating the accounts of going to the planet Venus and of a summer spent in the company of a leprechaun.

While you’re in the Weird Book Room, why not find out Who’s Who of British Beheadings or where to find a big cat in Dorset.   You’ll also want to take a look at an evaluation of the moral values of James Bond.

Join us in celebrating our 101st book and visit the Weird Book Room!

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