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Green Eggs and Ham recipe

green-eggs-and-hamThe seven-year-old and I are making Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast on Saturday. Here is the recipe we are following – it’s not exact because that’s how I operate in the kitchen. I don’t believe in exact quantities because I never have the exact quantities required.

A pile of fresh spinach
1 clove of crushed garlic (optional)
3 or 4 beaten eggs
Salt & pepper
A few slices of bacon

Wash the spinach (although it’s fine to just check there are no rogue slugs present), fry with a little oil, drain away most of the water after it has boiled down (and be amazed once more at how spinach just disappears like magic), add the garlic, salt and pepper and then puree it.

Scramble the eggs, then add the spinach puree and mix it up without mercy until the eggs are greener than green, green grass of home.

Cook the bacon and place the green eggs next to the bacon in an attractive pile on the plate. Place the plate in front of seven-year-old.

Of course, you could just use food colouring but have you seen what goes into food colouring?

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