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Most expensive sales in February 2010

titantic-and-other-shipsAs always, our monthly most expensive list is anything but ordinary. February’s top sales were comprised of some eclectic and unpredictable items. It was a month for reference books, with our top sale being a Turkish atlas complete with hand-colored maps, and another prominent item being an 1806 Webster’s dictionary. Romance was represented as well with a limited edition book of W.H. Auden poems and a tribute to the love of wine by Evelyn Waugh. The selection is nicely rounded out by two collectible books of photography, one from Mexico and one from Japan.

The first edition copy of Titanic and Other Ships is a sale of particular interest as it was signed by the Second Officer on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. It’s been nearly a century since the doomed passenger liner sank, and interest in the story still hasn’t waned.

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