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More books remaining unread

A few weeks ago my friend and colleague Ms. Carswell wrote ten reason’s why books remain unread on her shelves, and apparently the Cardiff Central Library has another reason to add to her list.

#11 – It’s written in Welsh.

The Guardian reported

Cardiff Council informed me breaking down the information for every library in the city would take too long – so I decided to focus my freedom of information request on Cardiff Central Library.

Out of 6,717 Welsh language books held in Cardiff Central Library, 1,507 had never been borrowed (22%).

Out of 99,068 English language books held in the library, 9,731 had never been borrowed (9.8%).

The total percentage of books never borrowed from Cardiff Central Library (both languages) is 10.6%.

A representative from the council said the ‘weeding’ of Welsh language books from the shelves did not conform to the Welsh Public Library standard policy of removing books which had never been borrowed after 7.6 years.

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