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Mensa’s Top 50 Websites for 2010 – Abe & the lolcats

This morning a friend in England told me AbeBooks is included on Mensa’s list of the top 50 websites for 2010. I clicked on the link and was thrilled to see AbeBooks listed alongside the giants of the Internet like Google Maps, IMDb, Wikipedia, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook and Amazon. But how can sites like Cake Wrecks (most of the cakes are pretty good) and I Can Haz Cheezburger (a website that I detest with every bone in my body) appeal to Mensa members, who voted for the top 50 sites? What on Earth can I Can Haz Cheezburger and those unfunny lolcats offer to the world’s most intelligent people? Is it a website where their brains can take a break?

Anyway, thanks to all the Mensa members who voted for AbeBooks and enjoy your books and your lolcats.

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