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Mark Twain Quiz and Mark Twain Facts

mark-twain-samuel-clemensThe Guardian posted another of their dastardly, difficult literary quizzes today – this time a Mark Twain quiz. I scored a pathetic 4 out of 12.

Mark Twain sure was an interesting guy. We recently did a feature about him, featuring a lot of Mark Twain quotes from his books. The more I read and learn about him, the more I’m annoyed that he’s dead, so I can never spend an evening drinking and chatting with him. He seemed like a fascinating man, politically ahead of his times, and very no-bull in his attitude to life, while maintaining a sense of humour. Also, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was one of my favourite books growing up. I wanted to be Becky Thatcher in the worst way – I must have read that book ten times.

Want to know even more? Check out our list of Mark Twain facts for some interesting and little known tidbits of Twain.

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