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Benedikt Taschen interview

Taschen-CollectionThe Sunday Times interviews Benedikt Taschen about his life in publishing. So that’s a posh British broadsheet speaking to a German who brings out books like The Big Book of Breasts and The Big Butt Book. Bound to be trouble!

His books don’t just break coffee tables: they also crash headlong through perceived barriers between high and low art. Taschen seems just as happy to publish a book of explicit gay cartoons by the artist Tom of Finland as he is to bring out a perfect facsimile of the Luther Bible of 1534, reproduced from a rare copy of the original.

“I certainly don’t believe in this high-and-low distinction,” he says. “What’s high art and what’s low art is a matter of fashion. What is respectable now might be different tomorrow, and will certainly be different 100 years from now.”

If you like Taschen then visit our feature on this unique publishing company.

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