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Harry Potter and second Triwizard task


I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to my seven-year-old daughter at the moment. I nearly choked when I saw the size of the book. The first three were very manageable but this sucker is a massive doorstop. Why did that Rowling woman suddenly introduce pages and pages of teenage angst into the series? I don’t care and the seven-year-old doesn’t understand why all these children are moody and sullen.

Also we’re in a race against time now – the book is borrowed from her school library and they want all the books returned before the end of term. I heard a rumour that they want it back by the end of this week and we’re only on Chapter 27 or 28 or 29, I can’t remember. It’s all just a blur and we haven’t got into the real good wizards against evil wizards bit yet.

Anyway, we read the chapter about the second (underwater in the school lake) task in the Triwizard Tournament and loved it. What a wonderful action-packed chapter! A race against the clock, merpeople with yellow teeth, sneaky underwater Grindylow critters, spells and charms, a helpful elf and Harry doing a Patrick Duffy impression and worrying about everyone else. We breezed through that chapter at pace.

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