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On Love: Read and Be Read To

goodnight-storiesApparently, having our lovers read to us in bed is an aphrodisiac. Uh-huh. AND BIRDS GO TWEET.

Okay, I suppose it’s not obvious (or even true) for everybody, but for me, it’s absolute gospel. Whether it gets you feeling frisky and sexy, or just makes you feel loved and sleepy and happy, there’s something incredibly nurturing and safe and peaceful and loving about the person you love reading to you. I’m lucky enough to have a partner who reads to me from time to time, and I love it when he does. I reciprocate whenever I can, but I don’t feel like I’m really contributing as much as he does – he’s always out cold by the time I finish reading him a page or two.

And it certainly doesn’t have to be limited to romantic partners, either – reading to or with anybody you love is a treat. We read to our children (or should), but when people grow enough to read for themselves, the practice of reading aloud, or reading together, is often abandoned, and I think that’s a shame. It’s a pretty nice thing to share. It reminded me again of the great story of Jim Brozina and his daughter Kristin, who read together every night for over nine years. What a great thing to do.

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