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Association Copies

“For Fred & Pip, with my / very best wishes- / Arthur / Concord, 25 October ‘56”

“For Fred & Pip, with my / very best wishes- / Arthur / Concord, 25 October ‘56”

A new addition to the AbeBooks Rare Book Room is our feature on Association Copies. These are books which came from the library of someone famous, or were signed from one person of literary or historical significance to another.

For example this copy of Arthur C. Clarke’s Reach for Tomorrow was signed and given to rocket scientist Frederick C. Durant III and his wife by Clarke.

As it turns out we are not the only ones who find this interesting. Richard Hyfler over at Forbes also enjoyed this little piece. After seeing it he published a post mentioning our feature and an association copy in his collection.

My only genuine association copy may be the poet Charles Reznikoff’s Family Chronicle (shown at top), inscribed by the author of the introduction, Milton (“Milt” here) Hindus, to the poet, David Ignatow. The attraction here was Hindus. Don’t bother looking him up on Wikipedia. The short entry on him was deleted in 2008, according to the Wikipedia archive deletionpedia, because “When this article was created, the writer did not include enough information to establish the significance of the subject.”

Do you have any great association copies in your collection? I’d love to hear about them.

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