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The Great Typo Hunt

the-great-typo-huntSalon.com has an interview with Jeff Deck, author of The Great Typo Hunt. I thought the interview would be funny but the author seems to be lacking a sense of humour – shame because typos can be very, very amusing and that’s coming from someone who writes for a living.

The oddest typo I have seen recently was on a car. I was waiting at the lights at a major junction when a really beat-up old junker rushed through the lights at the last second. Along its side, someone had painted the word ‘Trechery’ in huge letters with red paint. If you are going to brand someone as a traitor when you should at least perfect your spelling. In the driver’s seat, I could see a scruffy looking youth with a baseball hat on backwards. I wondered if a girlfriend had taken revenge for some crime or other.

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