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Top Class Writing: Teachers & Schools in Literature

the-prime-of-miss-jean-brodieGot that back-to-school feeling again? Take a gander at our literary tribute to teachers and students in literature. My personal favourite from this list of 25 memorable books is Tom Sharpe’s Porterhouse Blue. The head porter, Skullion, is a wonderful creation and a truly crafty individual. Having spent 10 years living in Oxford, I am positive there are many Skullions in reality. I’d out The History Man by Malcolm Bradbury as a close second simply because Howard Kirk such a completely awful person. Again, I’m sure there are many Howard Kirks in reality. The list also includes Miss Jean Brodie, Mr Chipping, Sebastian Flyte, plus his teddy Aloysius, from Brideshead Revisited and much more. Go back to school with Tom Wolfe, John Knowles and many other wonderful writers.

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