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‘Modern Britain’ books halt traffic

the-making-of-modern-britainI smiled after hearing about how a lorry (the North American translation is truck) tipped over and spilled boxes containing 15 tonnes of Andrew Marr’s book, The Making of Modern Britain, on to the road side. The Making of Modern Britain is a portrait of life in Britain during the first half of the 20th century and the publisher can now add an extra blurb to the cover – “Caused a traffic jam.”

There were no reports of drivers skidding to a halt and running over to pick up copies. A free modern history book, even a rather populist one by a famous bloke off the telly, doesn’t have much appeal. Imagine if the boxes had contained copies of a new Harry Potter in the days prior to publication – that would have been a nasty scene with people fighting each other for a book.

I never thought I’d say this but I miss Harry Potter. The arrival of each new novel caused a massive buzz and there is no other author capable to producing such a reaction in the general public.

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