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Author photos: My thoughts on The Thinker pose

Further to the comments of my colleague Beth below, here’s my two pence on this subject. Anne Perry classic poseI do not believe anyone should place their hand beneath their chin when posing for a photograph. No-one does it in real life. Just looks silly. I blame Rodin.

In our author interview section, there are a good number of authors bringing their hand or hands to their chins. There are also shades (Chris Knopf), a cowboy hat and shades (I like it, Daniel Kalder), chef whites (the super cool Anthony Bourdain) and bonkers hair from Malcolm Gladwell, which really gets you noticed in a crowd.

Rick Browne with chickenWe also have a picture of a lady in a uniform (romance writer Merlin Lovelace) and you can’t beat that. I like how Lynne Truss is sort of looking a little unhinged and Julian Barnes looks debonair, which I think he actually is. Elizabeth Hand has no sleeves and has a tattoo in plain view – I like that too. Elizabeth looks like she can kick ass and take names.

Personally, I recommend that publishers incorporate props into their author promotional photographs like a rifle, a screwdriver, a walking stick or perhaps a scythe. I probably wouldn’t use a chicken, even if it’s been roasted, like in chef Rick Browne’s photo. There’s nothing worse than a boring promotional photo. if I ever made it as an author, I’d wear a beret (to show I am cosmopolitan) and be carrying a mop (to illustrate my kinship with the working classes.)

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