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Archive | October, 2010

Biblio Zombies: Books to Bring Back from the Dead

For some a zombie apocolypse is the most terrifying way to imagine the world ending. A world full of human undead would be a living nightmare but a house full of zombie books is one of our wildest dreams. Every year thousands of books go out-of-print and yet many of them deserve wider exposure. AbeBooks […]

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Our Island Story: David Cameron’s childhood fav

David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, has revealed that his favourite childhood book was Our Island Story by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall. It’s a history book, first written in 1905, that details British life from the Romans to Queen Victoria’s death. Nick Clegg lets himself down by saying his favourite was The Gruffalo, reports the Daily Telegraph.

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Forbes’ List of Top Earning Dead Celebrities

Four authors cracked the top 10 list of Forbes’ Top Earning Dead Celebrities

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Meet the bookstore cats

I have been in this job for nearly six years. If there is one thing I know about used bookshops, it’s there is usually a resident cat sitting alongside the bookshelves. Earlier this year, we asked some of our booksellers to send in pictures of their bookshop cats and explain how they came to own […]

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Halloween Reading: Top 10 Ghost Stories

The top 10 ghost stories to make your blood run cold and stand your hair on end.

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Beautiful Old Flying and Aviation Books

Beautiful, collectible old books of airplanes, zeppelins, aviation, fighter pilots and all things flight.

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Book Market in Havana, Cuba

I was looking through some old vacation photos over the weekend and found a couple I thought you all might enjoy. They are of a series of outdoor book stalls at a book market in old town Havana. There must have been 30 of these stalls all set up in the square. It was pleasant […]

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Scary Stories from Another Era

Tis the season to be terrified, and since fright is in fashion and vintage books are our favorite game we have cherry picked some classic horror books for you to sink your teeth into. They were all published before 1960 and these books – some of them forgotten, many out-of-print – illustrate how authors and […]

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Rohinton Mistry slams Mumbai book ban

The Rohinton Mistry book banning story has been bubbling along for a few days now, but the Daily Telegraph has more. The Canadian-based author has now criticized Mumbai University after it relented to demands from an extremist group and removed the author’s novel, Such a Long Journey, from its literature syllabus. Shiv Sena, a violent […]

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