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Whoops! Wrong version of Franzen’s Freedom printed in UK

Huge news from the UK where the publishers and printers of Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed novel, Freedom, are trying to find out how the wrong version of the book was printed.

The book’s been on sale for around a week in the UK, but an old draft was mistakenly printed. A new version is released on Monday (4 Oct). The existing copies are being pulped and customers are eligible for refunds, according to the publisher, Harper Collins. Franzen’s currently in London to promote the book but I guess his visit isn’t going to well. Popped into the publishing house, picked up a copy, flicked through and realised that it had all gone Pete Tong.

I can imagine that the US publishers are now scrambling to check the text of the American edition to see if it’s the correct version.

If you have a UK edition then I’d hang on to it. Apparently, there are 80,000 or 200,000 copies depending in which report you read – might be nice little collectible one day. I wonder how different the old version is to the correct one?

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