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Remembering Roald Dahl: Twenty Years After

boy-by-roald-dahlMy colleague Beth has written a nice piece about one of her favourite authors. Roald Dahl lead a very interesting life and if you haven’t read his two autobiographies, Boy and Going Solo, they are worth a look. The two books document his own childhood at boarding school as well as his time working in East Africa for Royal Dutch Shell and flying with the RAF out of North Africa in WWII.

Dahl had a couple near death experiences in life but thankfully lived long enough to share his vivid imagination, a sense of humor both grisly and delightful, a healthy dose of no-nonsense, and more than his fair share of talent. Fortunately for us, he left behind pieces of his genius in the form of countless children’s stories, novels, short story collections and more, to be enjoyed and delighted in by children and adults alike.

Dive into the Magic of Roald Dahl

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