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Electronic travel guides fail

In the seemingly constant ebooks vs. print books (I just can’t bring myself to call them pbooks) war the travel guide market was one battle which I was actually pretty confident that the electronic version would win out in.

I really enjoy traveling, a lot. I like nothing more than setting myself down in a new city and just exploring. Lugging a massive guide book around and fumbling though it for maps and blurbs, however, is not something I relish.

It seems however this AP reporter suggests that the ebook still has some kinks to iron out still

Holding the paper version, I simply kept my thumb on one page and a finger on another to flip back and forth between the narrative and the deeper descriptions. The map was either on the same page or just one page away.

With the e-reader, I had to hit “next page” and “prev page” repeatedly, and the pages took their sweet time to turn, because the “electronic ink” technology of the screen doesn’t respond as fast as a computer screen. Out of frustration, I flicked a switch to turn the device off instead.

Via MobyLives

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