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49-Year-Old Twilight Fan And Her New Tattoo

twilight-tattoo-womanHey kids!

Do you like stories? Do you like stories about vampires and werewolves and undying, ridiculously exaggerated passionate, true love and obsession that will suck the breath RIGHT OUT OF YOU!? Are you the practically Bella Swan’s BFF? Are you and Edward Cullen meant to be together 4ever? ARE YOU TWILIGHT’S BIGGEST FAN?!

No. This lady is.

Cathy Ward, a 49-year-old English woman clearly a few chapters short of a book, has acquired her first tattoo – a full back piece homage to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, of which I am beginning to suspect I will never be free, entirely.

The enormous work depicts a forest, a romantic embrace between Edward and Bella, a scene of Edward, Bella and Jacob looking petulant and tortured, and another solo piece of Edward looking fang-y and mad, as well as some floral, symbolic and decorative bits to er…flesh it out.

But she’s not done yet! The enthusiastic Ms. Ward plans to add more – including a portrait of Edward Cullen on her stomach, before her 50th birthday.

Now back away slowly and go to college.

Or, if you’ve developed a hankering for more ink, check out our Authors with Tattoos feature.

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