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Blade Runner 2? Say it ain’t so.

Philip K. Dick's original novel

Philip K. Dick's original novel

I don’t mean to ruin your weekend but it sounds like Alcon (the filmmaking company) is kicking the tires of a Blade Runner sequel/prequel after witnessing the effect of masses of mindless drones tripping over themselves to throw money at that Tron fiasco a few months back…

In case you were wondering the the screenplay would theoretically be adapted from two novels, Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human and Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night , which were written by KW Jeter (a friend of Philip K. Dick) in an attempt to bridge the gap between Dick’s novelDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and screenplay Blade Runner ..

The Guardian is hopeful that Ridley Scott can be brought in to save the whole project from itself. Personally, I think another economic meltdown that causes Alcon to go bust might be preferable (only kidding, mostly).

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