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Hermione Granger: No.1 dream teenage date

HermioneThe Daily Telegraph has a story about a poll that reveals Hermione from the Harry Potter books is the most popular fictional dream date for British teenagers. It’s a powder puff PR poll done by the World Book Day people and doesn’t really tell the story about why Hermione Granger is so appealing to many young readers.

Firstly, she’s female in a series of books dominated by male characters. When my daughter’s school has ‘Dress Up As Your Favourite Fictional Character Day’, there are as many Hermiones as Harrys. Female readers gravitate towards her.

Her character becomes stronger from book 4 onwards. Harry and Ron do not cope well with becoming teenagers, while she seems to take it in her stride. By Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she’s much more than just a sidekick in a skirt. Ron is brave but ultimately gormless.

Hermione punches Draco Malfoy in the face and it’s one of my favourite moments in the whole series. After that confrontation, she gets tougher and tougher.

Her major problem, in school yard jargon, is that she’s a girly swat. However, all that schoolwork pays off as her spell knowledge helps out hopeless Harry time and again in the later books.

Everyone in my family, three females and myself, are big fans of Hermione. Speaking as a parent, if I had a teenage son (which thank the Lord I do not and never will), then I would be very happy if he said: “I’m taking out my new girlfriend and her name is Hermione Granger.”

However, if Ron turned up on my doorstep to take out one of my daughters then I’d slam the door in his face. I’d probably do the same with Potter too because the Grim Reaper follows him everywhere.

(PS – the girl who plays Hermione in the movies, Emma Watson, now has a modeling contract with posh clothing company Burberry. No-one has offered a thing to the actor who plays Ron.)

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