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Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman Letters

fear-loathing-las-vegas-thompson-steadmanRemember the fantastic cover letter to the Vancouver Sun that Hunter S. Thompson wrote in 1958?

Well if you liked that, this is good fun as well. Letters of Note‘s post today reveals a very angry letter from Hunter S. Thompson to his close friend Ralph Steadman, who provided the illustrations for many of Thompson’s books.

The topic of Thompson’s angry letter was some cartoons of Thompson that Steadman had drawn, and Thompson’s learning that they were to be published in Rolling Stone Magazine.

My favourite line from Thompson’s letter to Steadman:

“In any case, I’m about to sever all relationship(s) with him — and with You, if necessary — if he prints that pasty bag of insults in RS.”

and the best bit of Steadman’s reply (which, to my mind, clearly proved him in the right, and victorious):

“I may not always behave as a responsible citizen towards my chosen targets any more than you do. But I do get to it, under the skin as it were, to the real work, or don’t bother. I don’t think you taught me that but you made me aware of its importance. And it never ceases to amaze me just how irrational you become when somebody does it to you, like you have done it to me, and to everyone else you have ever bothered to write about.

So don’t get pompous with me. I am not one of your goddamn sychophants or acolytes. I am the one you needed when you needed someone to say what cannot be said in words. “

Love it.

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