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The Szyk Haggadah

haggadahPolish-born illustrator Arthur Szyk created what is arguably the most beautiful book of all time. His magnum opus is The Szyk Haggadah – a book completed in the style of an illuminated manuscript where the text is supplemented by decorated initials, borders and deeply vibrant illustrations. It was created under the shadow of Adolf Hitler and combines political symbolism with sheer beauty.

The Haggadah (which means ‘the telling’ in Hebrew) is an important element of the Jewish Passover holiday. Reading the book is a Jewish rite in order to learn how the Jews escaped to freedom from slavery in Egypt. Every Jewish household has a copy.

There’s much more to Arthur Szyk than his Haggadah. He campaigned against Fascism through his art and Eleanor Roosevelt described him as “a one-man army” during World War II when Hitler, apparently, put a bounty on his head. Learn more.

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