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Author claims smurfs are racist and antisemitic

Shocking news from France. The Smurfs have been accused of antisemitism, racism and communism – a triple whammy! The Guardian has the story.

Antoine Buéno, a lecturer at Sciences Po university in Paris, makes the claims in his new book Le Petit Livre Bleu: Analyse critique et politique de la société des Schtroumpfs, in which he points out that the Smurfs live in a world where private initiative is rarely rewarded, where meals are all taken together in a communal room, where there is one leader and where the Smurfs rarely leave their small country.

My daughter is learning French and she has a Les Schtroumpfs (that’s French for smurfs) book which she adores.

“Daddy, is it true that my Les Schtroumpfs book is packed with Trotskyite political overtones?”

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