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V.S. Naipaul is a “slug”

At least according to fellow Booker Prize winner Keri Hulme. Naipaul seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a row when he proclaimed in an interview with the Guardian that he did not consider any woman writer to be his literary equal saying “I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not, I think [it is] unequal to me.” Naipaul even goes so far as to single out Jane Austen of all people.

Actually Hulme did not stop at slug, ripping into Naipaul saying he was a “misogynist prick whose works are dying… As he ages, his nasty behaviours – and judgements- become ever more wince-making. Many thousand women writers both outrank, and will out-survive, this slug”

Nothing better than literary boxing eh? You can catch round 2 of this bout at Caesar’s Palace, next month.

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