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Around Dublin without a pub

In a misguided attempt to celebrate Bloomsday an Irish software developer has put the power of computing to the task of solving the age old James Joyce riddle of can you cross Dublin without passing a pub?

The Belfast Telegraph reports:

Using online maps, the Dubliner worked out an algorithm – a computer equation – which found how to criss-cross the capital, from north to south and east to west, away from the temptation of any pub.

“The puzzle was just one of those things I was aware of, like most people in Dublin,” he said.

“I started thinking about how you would go about it, the pen and paper route which many people have tried, and which gets very tiring very fast, then I decided to try it on the computer.”

What a terrible way to celebrate Bloomsday. All I can say is if this is how technology is going to be used then put me firmly in the Luddite camp.

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