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Sad Keanu publishes poetry

Strange things ARE afoot at the Circle K. Keanu Reeves, the actor who brought us cinematic greats like Speed, Speed 2, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and Johnny Mnemonic* continues to give back to the world, this time with a book of poetry titled Ode To Happiness.

The New York Daily News explains that “Ode To Happiness” is a collection of inkblot paintings — which purposely look like they’ve been blurred by tears — and accompanying depressing passages, like ‘I draw a hot sorrow bath’ and ‘In my despair room.’ The last line in the book is a black smudge with the words ‘It can always be worse.”

… before I get too carried away with the Keanu bashing (it’s just so much fun though, and he takes it so well) the book was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek as Reeves pokes fun at the “Sad Keanumeme which had internet denizens photoshopping a pensive looking Reeves eating a sandwich into a myriad of famous photos.

*Really? A heroin addicted cyborg dolphin? Sometimes I think we give William Gibson too much credit.

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