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New Ian Rankin mystery in Edinburgh

Photo of the sculpture left outside the Edinburgh Filmhouse

In Edinburgh locations that can be tied back to Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels someone has been leaving random acts of paper art. The paper models are quite intricate and have been cut from the pages of a book. It’s unclear who has been leaving these sculptures and whether it’s Rankin himself who is commissioning them or one of his legions of fans.

Last week a sculpture of a model cinema was left at the Edinburgh Filmhouse. In the sculpture, the movie’s characters were leaping off the screen towards the audience, which included a tiny paper Rankin sitting and drinking a bottle of beer while enjoying the show. The mystery artist also left a note, presumably in the form of a written Twitter tweet which read “For @filmhouse – a gift – In support of Libraries, Books, Words, Ideas … & All things *magic*”

The National Library also received a sculpture of their own. Theirs included a coffin and a gramophone sculpted from a copy of Rankin’s novel Exit Music.

Rankin has denied that he has anything to do with it so from the sounds of things it’s just a fan of art giving back. Who knows if more sculptures will appear in the coming weeks…

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