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Tailgate Library: The Bookish Boot Sale

According to The New York Post today, bookseller Charles Mysak has been selling books out of his car for at least 11 years. That isn’t the unusual part (though at 11 years, with that low overhead, I imagine he’s fared better than some brick and mortar shops). The unusual part of that for all of those 11 years, the 60-year-old Mysak has been parked in the same parking spot.

Dismissing city bylaws and traffic rules as “Draconian”, Mysak seems to pay little mind to the consequences of built-up parking tickets, and harassment from authorities. after meter-feeding, he earns about $100 a day, he says, making it worth it.

Piled high with his book inventory, the former lawyer’s 1994 green Honda Civic sits day after day, waiting for customers. The parking spot is on the corner of Columbus and 68th on the Upper West Side of NYC, and Mysak doesn’t plan to relinquish his sweet locale any time soon.

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