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Reading a book about old planes is a security threat

It’s Friday and the world has gone a little more insane by another degree. Vance Gilbert is a folk singer and aviation enthusiast. He likes to read books about aviation history. He recently took a United Airlines flight from Boston to Washington DC, and naturally had a couple of books about old aircraft to read on his journey.

Apparently, a passenger reading books about aircraft is considered a security threat in these days of extreme paranoia. The jumpy cabin crew had the plane return to the gate. Gilbert was hauled off the aircraft and put in front of the airport goon squad. The Consumerist blog has the full and very sad story.

I was on a couple of short flights earlier this week and my selected read was The 8.55 to Baghdad by Andrew Eames. It’s a travel memoir about riding the Orient Express and retracing a journey made by Agatha Christie on this historic train. But what the heck was I thinking? Baghdad is the capital of Iraq for heaven’s sake! I’ve got to choose my airplane reading more carefully in the future.

If you are a big fan of Biggles, then stay away from airplanes and airports at all costs. Reading Biggles Air Detective would earn you a life sentence under these conditions.

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