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New Weirdness: Visit the Weird Book Room

Do you know our Weird Book Room? It’s probably the feature with which we have the most fun, scouring the web site for strange, odd and incredible titles. We’ve just updated with six new finds, including our featured weird book this time around, Ragnar’s Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives.

Well, winter’s a-comin’. You’ve canned all your canning, taxidermied all your critters, stocked the pantry, chopped the wood, put up the storm windows and all the rest. Now what are you to do to keep busy until the snows come? Ice-fishing is tedious, duck-hunting means being up at the crack of dawn, and you never did take to crocheting. Don’t worry. Ragnar’s got you covered. The time will fly by when you’re spending your days on project after project from Ragnar’s Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives.

From obtaining commercial-grade high explosives, to their safe transportation and storage, to all the fun and wacky details to blow things up the right way, this is far and away the best boom in a book, and best bang for your buck. Thanks, Ragnar!

I love you, Weird Book Room!

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