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Worldwide free shipping from Deastore, including on Codex Seraphinianus

One of AbeBooks’ top Italian booksellers, Deastore, is offering free worldwide shipping on thousands of brand new books until October 4. That’s great news for folks around the globe who are looking for books in Italian (although they also have books in English, French, Spanish and German).

I know Deastore well because they offer copies of the 2006 edition of Codex Seraphinianus and sell this ultra weird and wonderful book by the truckload. Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini has been billed as the world’s weirdest book (by me), and the 1983 and 1993 editions are rather expensive and becoming hard to find.

The 2006 edition is the ‘affordable’ one (the price is around $125 to $130 depending on the exchange rate) but when the book, which is large, comes with free shipping then it becomes a very attractive proposition. Hurry, this worldwide free shipping offer only lasts until October 4.

Essentially an encyclopedia about an alien world that clearly reflects our own, each chapter appears to deal with key facets of this surreal place, including flora, fauna, science, machines, games and architecture. It’s difficult to be exact because no-one has ever understood the contents page. Elements of today’s world are visible but they are nearly always given some surreal twist – floating flowers, a peeled banana containing pills, a strange car covered in flies, clothing that would seem strange even in the 1970s, a man wearing roller-skates – with a fountain pen’s nib instead of a hand – stabbed through the chest with a pen, and lots of biped creatures with human legs attached to all manner of crazy things.

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