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The Collectible, Nonsensical Dr. Seuss

The Collectible, Nonsensical Dr. Seuss

In Nineteen-ought-four, he was born Theodor,
but he soon went by his middle name.
With a gift for rhyme, he would write all the time,
and he soon rose to children’s book fame.

As his own illustrator, his work was still greater,
full of polka dots, cats, hats, and Whos;
with his colorful art, he won every child’s heart,
and his work met with glowing reviews.

If you figured it out, you must now have no doubt
we refer to the great Dr. Seuss!
From the Lorax to Sneetches to other fun creatures,
like Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose.

Want your own copy, or just feel shoppy?
We have all the Seuss books you could need;
signed, rare or obscure, we’re pleased to assure
you of satisfaction guaranteed!

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