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Celluloid: Dave McKean’s erotic graphic novel

I’m seeing lots of buzz about Celluloid by Dave McKean. It’s an erotic graphic novel recommended by Neil Gaiman who knows McKean from their Sandman days.

Drawn in McKean’s signature style, the novel tells of a bored housewife who finds a mysterious reel of film showing a couple on the job and her life is transformed into a series of unforgettable trysts.

Sex doesn’t seem to be embraced much by graphic novelists (that’s the act of drawing it rather the act itself) but I stand to be corrected on that one. It’s going to be interesting to see reaction to this book.

There is a wonderful Flickr slideshow of Celluloid here. The art is amazing. Bookslut carried a review in July so I’m not sure why we’re only just seeing interest now.

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