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Edward Gorey’s Newly Unearthed Illustrated Letters and Envelopes

I loved seeing this piece on brainpickings.org about author Peter F. Neumeyer who collaborated with Edward Gorey on a number of children’s books. Throughout the planning of the books, the two corresponded frequently by mail. Neumeyer kept the letters, resulting in a collection of 75 letters, 38 envelopes complete with beautiful and detailed Gorey illustrations, and a substantial number of illustrated postcards as well.

The whole package is revealed in book Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer.

There was a beautiful quote by Neumeyer, included in the article:

“In light of his body of work, and because of the interest that his private person has aroused, I feel strongly that these letters should not be lost to posterity. I still read in them Ted’s wisdom, charm, and affection and a profound personal integrity that deserves to be in the record. As for my own letters to Ted, I had no idea that he had kept them until one day a couple of years ago when a co-trustee of his estate, Andras Brown, sent me a package of photocopies of my half of the correspondence. I am very grateful for that.” ~ Peter F. Neumeyer”

What a lucky guy – what a neat thing to have, both to celebrate Gorey’s art and to remember a friend.

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