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Review of The 8.55 to Baghdad by Andrew Eames

Here is the latest video review from AbeBooks – The 8.55 to Baghdad by Andrew Eames. This book is about travel and Agatha Christie. Strictly speaking, it’s a travel memoir where the author follows in the train tracks of Christie who traveled from a sleepy suburb of London to Iraq where her second husband worked on archaeological digs. The author, famous for writing Murder on the Orient Express and many other crime classics, craved peace and quiet, and spent many months in the Middle East.

Eames’ journey includes a stretch on the Orient Express, and he visits to the Balkans, Istanbul, Syria and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the days before the Allied invasion. We see Belgrade where women outnumber men and everyone lives for the moment. We feel the tension in Iraq as war looms. The reader also learns a lot about Christie, including her early years in Devon, her crime writing career, her infamous disappearance and her joy of living and working in the Middle East.

(PS – I’m sorry that I look like hobo in this video. I hadn’t shaved for a few days and I was running short of clean clothes that morning.)

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