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Cyberman William Gibson on cyberspace & beyond

Vancouver-based author William Gibson is profiled by The Guardian and once again we hear the story of how he invented the word ‘cyberspace.’

It first appeared in a short story by Gibson for the July 1982 edition of a science fiction magazine that no longer exists.

“The first thing I did was to sit down with a yellow pad and a Sharpie and start scribbling – infospace, dataspace. I think I got cyberspace on the third try, and I thought, oh, that’s a really weird word. I liked the way it felt in the mouth – I thought it sounded like it meant something while still being essentially hollow.”

Surely, he seen the cybermen on Doctor Who and they were the real inspiration. Cybermen have been causing havoc since 1966. Also the Cybermat was damned scary – see The Tomb of the Cybermen.

First editions of Gibson’s Neuromancer (published in 1984) are super expensive (but Doctor Who paperbacks are not).

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