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Laugh Out Loud: The Funniest Books

What funny books have made you laugh out loud in a public place?

Nothing makes me happier than embarrassing myself in public – on a bus, at a coffee shop, on the ferry – because a writer has phrased something that makes me hiccup from holding back laughter. It would be fine if I could perfect the silent laugh. But alas, I am a noisy and physical laugher, whooping and wheezing and shrieking and throwing my head around. It isn’t pretty.

What makes you laugh? Not just smile or smirk or say ‘heh’, but really laugh. While there are obviously common themes, everybody’s sense of humor is different, and what makes one person crack up leaves another stony-faced and shrugging.

When it comes to books, as much as I love a funny read, it’s a rarity that I actually open my mouth and laugh out loud (‘LOL’ if you will). And those books that can manage it are all the more valuable to me as a result. I will gladly risk public humiliation, because laughing just feels so fantastic. So here is a tribute to those rare literary gems that have made me cackle and chuckle my way into near hysteria.

Usually in full view of someone attractive.

Enjoy our selection of Laugh Out Loud books.

(and as a bonus, just for fun: Have a Laugh with the AbeBooks staff!):

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