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Margaret Atwood’s new book lays down the straw

Margaret Atwood’s new book comes out this week and there’s a signed limited edition (300 copies) of In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination printed on straw, “without any harmful impact on forests and their fragile ecosystems,” according to the author. The Globe and Mail has the full story.

It’s the brainchild of Vancouver-based environmental group Canopy, the limited edition is designed to showcase the viability of wheat and flax straw as alternative sources of fibre for fine paper. “I just find it shocking that in 2011 we still cut down 400- to 800-year-old trees to make bank statements and junk mail,” Canopy executive director Nicole Rycroft said in an interview. “We want to demonstrate that in fact you can produce paper without using forest fibre at all.

I think this is a fine idea but the whole print run should have been made from straw. This book explores Margaret’s relationship with science fiction – lots of essays and literary criticism of key authors and narrative tools.

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