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Conversation about books overheard in the bank

Youngish girl behind counter: “I got all my ironing done last night. That’s quite an achievement for me.”

Customer: “Oh yes, did you watch The Biggest Loser while you were ironing?”

Youngish girl behind counter: “No, I don’t have a television.”

Customer (slightly uncomfortable): “Oh, really.”

Youngish girl behind counter: “I read a lot of books in the evenings. However, since I left university I don’t really enjoy reading anymore. Every book is just like a reference book to me now. I analyze them all.”

Customer: “I should read more than I do. I tried reading a book a while ago. Eat Love Something.”

Youngish girl behind counter: “Eat Pray Love?”

Customer: “Yes, that was it.”

Youngish girl behind counter: “Yes, I’ve read that one too. Wasn’t much good.”

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