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Chuck Palahniuk on Ellery Queen

Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel, Damned, is now out and he’s interviewed by Shelf Awareness today.

He was asked what was his favorite book was a child and he replied….

Anything involving Ellery Queen, I read it. Not so much for the murders, etc. I wanted to know why Ellery never got married. Why did he live at home with his father, Inspector Queen, all his adult life? In book after book, Ellery was thrown together with attractive vulnerable dames, but the sparks never flew…. Yes, Sherlock had opiates to account for his failure to form adult romantic attachments. And Hercule Poirot was simply a Belgian pig. But I wanted to see Ellery Queen find a real job and a lasting significant other. Sigh. I guess I want the same things for myself.

Belgian pig!

Incidentally, look at the cover for Damned. You will see the publisher still feels the necessity to mention that Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Fight Club as if anyone in the world was unfamiliar with this fact.

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